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They call her beautiful,
this rampant disaster
of folds and inner seas.

Impervious to everything,
she’s sealed shut,
reluctantly closed in.
Closed off,
zipped up with haphazard seams.

The interior design has
tangled itself,
darkly ravishing
devouring the mappings
until all these waters have been exiled.

She’s readied her drowning tools,
held every breath
until the stars illuminate
behind her eyes.

Her body’s made of pockets,
carrying cavities
built for signals
and secrets,
prepared for unfolding.

She busies the twine
between soft fingertips.
They call her beautiful,
words constructed
of insulation and costly vacancies.


just bones

tides rising,
weathering the emptiness
with opened palms,
scattered lashes
dancing side to side
as if the winds are moving us.

what do you lose
between sinking
and dreaming?
where love is a longing
to wrap the ocean
inside your bones.

where do you go
when the blue
vacates from behind
the eyes?
and the sighs of freight trains
travel our skins,
tenderly tucking themselves
in our pores?

waters coaxing
with breaths too stifling
for breathing,
and deaths take us
too far
from here.

Gather into songs,
let the empty in
too close to see,
where bitter definition
and the greyest places
coat our walls.

Tear something,
into light and unfold
the words
like morning light
and skin brushing skin
only in passing.

Sing the hollows
across puddles,
wandering within
the quiet we wish not
for sharing.

Sadness prayers.
We’re broken
and the brightest
wings still hold back
our corners.

Shut ourselves off for grief
for the meanings
within our darker seams.
We rewrite,
back to back
reaching for love.